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Welcome to Aypa Dating. My name is Ross Aypa, and I’m an avid believer of the concept of self-control to better your life in any way you want.

The foundation in building the life you truly deserve begins by reviewing yourself which we will be helping you with here at aypa-dating.com but also the ability to attract the women of your dreams.

We’ll be sharing practical and relevant tips to better yourself for tomorrow with the ladies and life in general. I bring you a lifelong experience of ups and downs with women you don’t need to go through.

I’ve watched over 500+ hours of the deepest content of city daygame, night game, and have been mentored by one of the best pickup artists in the world.

At Aypa Dating, we strive to be the pillar of your future success in whatever you do. Our visions are for all of you is to go on and kill it in life and look back at it all in 25 years remembering “wow it all started with aypa-dating.com.”

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BEST PUA Techniques

Aypa dating is excellent for the beginners and the advanced as we share all sorts of value for both parties.

For the beginners, we’ll be teaching simple, and easy techniques to be able to gain quick wins that will build your confidence into the more complicated processes.

For the advanced, we will be breaking down deep, and technical aspects that will get your mind moving on a new level.

To be frank and completely honest, if I never involved myself in the world of the pickup, it would have never propelled me into all the positive changes my life has made, and the ability to approach any lady I want for the first time.

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Change Your Life Now

This artistry, of course, will not only be able to obtain the women of your dreams but also get you further advancing yourself in your work life, self-development, networking, etc.

The simplest way to explain it all is that by learning the skill of pickup, the act of knowing how to approach who you want, doing this, and that.

You begin to figure out that moving forward a relationship with women is no different than moving forward other goals you may have in your life aside from women and that nothing is given to you by “luck” or “chance.”

Everyone has the power to chase what they want in life as skillfully as you can get that girl over to your place. So welcome, enjoy, and let’s begin the first day of the rest of your life.

All your dreams are on the other side of fear …

The FREE Starter Kit by Aypa Dating

What you will be learning:

  • Learn how to dress and groom yourself in the most efficient way possible that all women will fall in love with
  • See the secret weapons anyone can use on first dates to score every single time
  • View a list of unique items you would have NEVER thought to add to your repertoire
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