Choosing The Best Colognes To Attract Females & Get You Laid Part 2

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Where should you apply cologne?

When applying cologne on your, always apply them to the hot spots or areas that produce more body heat.

For maximum results apply the cologne to your wrists, armpits, neck and behind your ears.

Applying the cologne to these areas of your body activates the cologne, boosts the strength of the smell and helps it last longer.

On the other hand, applying the cologne on the colder areas of your body will not only fade its fragrance but also make it disappear more quickly.

When using cologne behind your ears, take care not to spray it directly on this area. Instead, spray the cologne on your hands and wipe it gently behind your ears.

Apart from helping you smell good, adding fragrance behind your ears will also others get a nice whiff of your scent feel especially when they are trying to say something to you in your ears at a club with loud music.

This cologne from Polo is one of the best colognes to attract girls

How will you select the right cologne?

When buying cologne, try and avoid choosing the one that only smells good.

Always choose cologne that triggers good memories.

This would be the best cologne to get laid.

One of the best ways to select the right cologne is to test one on yourself.

If the fragrance of the cologne triggers good memories in your mind when sprayed, it is likely to create a similar effect on most of the women you approach.

When you wear a fragrance that triggers good old, happy memories in women, she is most likely to get drawn towards you.

To make your job easier, I have listed a few cologne at the bottom that is entirely the best. Choosing any of this cologne can help save you the hassle of having to do a ‘smell test.’

Also, choosing cologne that includes ingredients that can help people remember good times when smelled can be an additional bonus.

Expensive vs. Cheap

When buying cologne that attracts females, do not get fooled by brand names such as Polo sport, Tommy Hilfiger, and Curve.

Wearing the regularly branded cologne does not guarantee that you will smell better than the one who did not think that buying them was worth the investment.

I do not say that buying the regular brands is worthless, but I am of the opinion that they all not very good and not cologne that gets you laid.

When buying cologne, it is always best to avoid “spin-off” brands. Cologne of such brands is usually those that are either named after a celebrity or those that are formulated by a clothing brand who decides to have their cologne.

Always opt for high-end cologne by a company that is known exclusively for their cologne and not known for something else.

Buying cheaper brands cologne can carry a bad smell when compared to the good ones.

For all you know, buying a cheap cologne that turns her on can merely give a woman a headache and merely turn her off completely.

However, you may instantly say “I cannot afford it.” However, I assure you that not all brands are expensive. Buying brands like Versace and Armani are quite economical when compared to other brands.

If you want to buy cologne that attracts females, spending $60- $80 on a fantastic bottle of cologne instead of buying a $20 cologne bottle is definitely worth the investment.

A $60 cologne bottle may last for over two months. Accordingly, with just having to spend 50 cents a day indeed proves to be a grand bargain, especially if the fragrance is excellent and can attract girls.

Viktor Wolf being reviewed by the women of Buzzfeed to find out which cologne attracts females

Which is the best cologne?

Listed below are some best cologne available on the market.

The list includes my favorite cologne, those which I have personally used and loved the fragrances to the core. I assure you that you will not find anything better than these unless there is something new on the market. In this case, I will add the proper new owns to the existing list.

I can assure you, that once you have tried these, you never want to try anything else.

The list includes some of the top cologne which can either be used as your signature scent or can be rotated to smell different each time.

If you are interested in buying them, I have included links that can help you get them online.

However, if you are in doubt, you can always visit a departmental store to check and fragrance and buy one if you are satisfied and feel right about it.

This can help you see as well smell the cologne you are planning to buy.

I would suggest that you do not buy them from the departmental stores. The stores usually charge a premium for these products causing the price to be 30-50% higher when compared to the cost price of the product available online.

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