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Signs of Unspoken Attraction at Work

Nothing can be stressful in determining whether a woman is into you or not. It is not only stressful but also capable of making your confidence feel undermined.

However, just like other many things, science is there for signs of mutual interest. All you need is to understand what you want and focus on it not worrying about whether she likes you or not.

How do women communicate their interest?

Women are more skillful in communicating their interest as compared to men. While a man will come straight to the point and say ‘I had some good time with you last night’ or ‘I enjoyed it,’ a woman would want you to read it in between the lines to get her feelings.

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It should not worry you if she never comes to you and tells it straight how much she enjoys your dates or likes you. This is just among the many ways women communicate.

Instead of waiting for her apparent signs to you, start looking for her cunning signals of showing interest in you.

triple a principle by Aypa Dating Blog

Triple-A Principle

Always assume her signals is a principle taught in Aypa Dating whereby you should expect the other party is attracted to you unless it is proven otherwise.

The reason for doing this is because, at times, some of the attraction signs may be so ambiguous. An example of such is a case of her laughing at what you say which might make you think she takes it ridiculous or funny.

This helps you keep your confidence. Further, it is far much better to assume interest where it is not present than to not believe investment where it is full.

It is always a good habit to assume a situation is best as it makes you get into it completely. It requires little crafty to change the effectiveness when communicating with a woman.

A touch never lies

One of most trusted sign of chemistry between the two of you which does not lie is a touch. Once you touch her, it communicates your interest towards you.

If her response to your touch is positive, then she likes you. This does not apply to intended touches only but also accidental touches.

In case you are walking beside her, and mistakenly you bump into her, and she instead draws closer, then she is attracted to you.

Another sign is her liking you touching her hands, her back at the upper part of her arms. Try a touch in safe places to read her response. To increase the chances of her being inclined to give you more physical interactions, I highly suggest looking into getting yourself a hedione phermone to heighten her sexual mood.

eye contact and touch to see if attraction is present

Eye contact does not lie too

When you are talking with a woman as she holds your gaze it’s a huge positive. If she stares at you when you look away or keeps staring at you for some time it is even better.

Eye contact is quite communicative and never an unmistakable sign of her mutual attraction to you.

Otherwise, if her gaze is around the room or the drinks she is taking and not at you at all, it is a sure sign of no interest towards you.

Responsive signs

Her interaction when with you should be the first thing to communicate to you of her interest towards you. If she gets receptive to your conversation and dates, she is interested in you.

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If she’s spending too much time on her phone, seems restless or bored, just move on she is not interested. Always remember, you aim to grow mentally strong daily.

Therefore, if she shows no interest or she is not responding to you, do not waste your time.

Ask yourself regularly whether what you give in the interaction you get it back. If you are not getting it back, move on do not act so desperate.

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