Meeting Someone for the First Time After Knowing Them Online

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Couple meeting for the first site from knowing each other online first

Meeting Someone for the First Time After Meeting Them Online

The internet has provided numerous new ways of meeting people, forming new friendships, and even discovering love thanks to the pickup artist techniques at your disposal. From social media platforms to chat rooms to online dating and also sites such as Craigslist, there are now countless ways to meet and connect with new people.

While the majority of friendships acquired online stay online, there may be cases where you want to meet up with someone in real life. But, how do you go about meeting someone for the first time after meeting them online?

What You Should Be Doing First Before Meeting

To start, it’s crucial you’re genuinely prepared as a man to handle the responsibility of taking on a woman for a potential relationship. It is your duty as a man to help her feel comfortable not only with you but with herself so she can open up to you as she can which is what all woman crave.

Learning this from one of my mentors, Michael Fiore, there is a more profound language you’re going to need to understand in dealing with a woman that they’re going to expect you to understand. It’s a nonverbal form of communication that will need you to essentially read a woman’s mind.

As crazy as that sounds it’s what woman expect out of their ideal man and can be learned. By clicking this video here, you’ll see a step-by-step rundown on how I was able to get with a college classmate of mine in four days completely cold as we started off as complete strangers. The strategies used in that four day period are relevant and helpful to any time you want to attract a particular girl especially if it’s someone you’re meeting for the first time.

He will go into more details of how you can dig deeper into the woman psychology to your advantage and share his story on how he was able to accomplish it all.

While the thought may make you feel nervous at first, it is important to remember that the person you are meeting is likely to feel the same way. The key is to relax and remember that even if things don’t go to plan, at least you gave it your best shot. To help you prepare for meeting someone in real life for the first time, there are some tips you can follow:

Best Meeting Online Date Face to Face

While dinner and a movie may seem like a perfectly fine first date, it isn’t the ideal way to get to know someone. Dinner is too formal, intense, and can lead to awkward moments. Going to the movies is the opposite – there is no opportunity for conversation and interaction. If you want to get to know someone better on a first date, keep it casual and fun. Some great ideas are:

  • The zoo or an amusement park
  • An interesting museum
  • An arcade or funfair
  • Bowling or golf

These ideas provide the opportunity for fun and can help both you and your date relax in an informal atmosphere that helped me not be nervous about meeting someone I met online.

The opportunity to do activities also helps fill any lull in the conversation and avoid awkward silences. Finally, these kinds of dates allow you to see the actual personality of your date as they will feel they can let their hair down rather than be uptight.

Talk On The Phone before Meeting

While you have interacted with the other person online, talking on the phone before meeting allows you to hear their voice and feel more comfortable opposed to meeting online for the first time after texting. It is vital to have some conversations on the phone as you will feel much better when meeting in person and you are likely to have already established a good connection with the person.

beautiful silhouette of a women wanting a man to call her now before meeting in person

Be Careful What You Wear

Don’t spend too much time being concerned with what you wear on the date.

Many people panic and overdress for the occasion, believing it will impress the other person more.

However, it just ends up making you feel uncomfortable in clothes you don’t usually wear.

On the same note, don’t underdress either as if you don’t care at all. Merely wear clothes you feel comfortable in and would usually wear when going to a similar place with your friends or family.

There numerous fashion blogs out there you can find online or on Instagram to give you a few ideas on how to dress for your date and it’s crucial you smell the part as well by purchasing yourself a best-smelling cologne for men.

Get The Deal Breakers Out In The Open

This is essential when meeting someone for the first time. Everyone has some kind of deal breaker that they only cannot have a partner. Know what you want and what you don’t want and discuss it with the person before meeting to avoid nasty surprises or awkward moments.

Perhaps you despise smoking and will not date a smoker. If that’s the case, let the other person know in advance so they can tell you if they are a smoker and you can cancel the date.

Be Thoughtful And Considerate

One of the worst impressions you can give on a first date is to be rude, passive, or show up late. Manage your time to ensure you arrive for the date at the agreed time and the agreed location. Smile and pay attention to your date while you are with them.

There is nothing more frustrating than someone who just stares at their phone the entire time instead of having a conversation. Also, don’t expect the other person to pay for you. Come prepared to pay for yourself.

Tell Your Friends Where You Will Be And With Whom

This is essential for safety when you are meeting someone online. Let your friends know where you will be and who the other person is on the off chance that something goes wrong. You could also arrange a signal with your friends to get out of the date if the other person is loud, obnoxious or rude.

Some people will have their friends call them at a certain point to give them an out if they need it. However, only use this method if necessary. If you merely want to end the date, try to be direct with the other person about it.

Stay Realistic

Remember that it is highly unlikely you will meet your soulmate in your very first attempt at dating. People are less outgoing or talkative when you meet them in person than when you are conversing with them online.

Be patient with your date which is probably feeling nervous and needs some time to feel at ease. Don’t set the bar too high or low and try to go with the flow during your time together. Look at the date as an opportunity to spend time with someone and see where it goes from there.

Couple on a first fun date after meeting online

Have Fun

The most important thing to do on your date is to have fun.

If you enter the date with a mindset of enjoying yourself no matter what, it is much more likely you will establish a connection with the person and have a great time.

Laugh and enjoy yourself and remember that dating is a fun experience.

Don’t overthink the date and wonder what they are thinking about you or worry too much. Just enjoy the experience and see where it leads you. If you look like you’re enjoying yourself, your date will relax more, open up more, and enjoy themselves more also.

People are much more likely to feel a connection with someone who is smiling, laughing, and having fun rather than someone who is worrying too much or not enjoying themselves.


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