How To Deal With A Virgin Girlfriend

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man looking at his girlfriend ready to take her virginity

How to Take Your Girlfriends Virginity

Even though a vast majority of women have tons of experience on ways to pleasure a man in the bedroom, guaranteed there are still a few girls out there who you’ll take to bed in which are virgins.

Despite the fact that the majority of Indian men prefer making love to virgins, there are some who cringe at the thought of her inexperience.

For those of you who have girlfriends that are virgins, here are some helpful tips when taking her into your bedroom. Even though you may have experience with previous relationships, keep in mind that this one is a virgin who’s not experienced in the bedroom as you are.

This is because she’ll be very eager with anticipation and a bit fearful as well, so remember to take it nice and slow. After all, it is her first time making love; you want her thinking back on it as a pleasurable experience.

Kissing Her:

Regardless if you’re a virgin or a woman with a track record for the Guinness Book of World Records, take your time and make love to every inch of her voluptuous body with your mouth. Kiss her neck and thighs, along with the areas which tend to get neglected by other guys. Making her passionately crave your body and lust after you.

man seducing and kissing his virgin girlfriend

How to get a virgin in the mood:

Okay, this may seem like a technique straight out of one of those B-grade South Indian movies, however, beginning with a tantalizing full body massage, will help to get her hot and bothered.

Try rubbing some therapeutic oils all over her body, using the ones which are more sensual. Such As, Ylang-Ylang, and Lavender.

For you fellas who’re more experienced, be aware of a woman’s most sensitive areas. Slowly starting at the nape of her neck and working your way down her spine.

Gently massaging her breasts, while gently rubbing the tips of her nipples until they’re reaching out for your mouth. Another bonus tip is to invest in a cologne that will get you laid much more natural such as Creed Aventus.

Having her lie on her back, start caressing the lower stomach down to the upper thighs. At first, she might be too shy to come out and say it, however, deep down inside her loins are dying for your touch.

Stroking the softness of her outer lips or labia will get her blood boiling to the point of no return. All of her fears about sex will vanish once you blaze a trail across her nether regions.

Do Not Chastise Her:

Remembering you’re the first man she’s ever been with, you may not enjoy the way she touches your body. Encourage her to touch and caress your penis, letting her lick and nibble your entire body. Even though you might not feel turned on at first, boost her ego and make her think it’s the most extreme pleasure you’ve ever felt.

Let her know when she reaches your exotic regions, taking her hands and guiding them to your most pleasurable points. Going into great detail about what you’re planning on doing to her in bed. Since you’re more experienced at lovemaking, be like a caring teacher, schooling her on how to please a man.

Get Her to Touch Her Body:

If she has never masturbated before, when you get her to masturbate it’ll open up the forbidden love gates. Giving her that intense sensation like she’s never felt before. Therefore, making her crave your body and being more open-minded about having sex.

Now It’s Time for Intercourse:

After you’re sure she’s ready for you to penetrate her womanhood, take things slowly in the beginning. You also want her to be nice and wet before initially having sex. When first entering body, you want to take short, even strokes until you feel her layer of skin gives way which the correct way on how to take a woman’s virginity without hurting her.

Once she feels comfortable and starts getting into the groove of things, then all pain will of vanished and be replaced with moans of total bliss.

Most men find the first time to be quite stressful. Think back to how you felt when it was your first time having intercourse. On that note, when you do take your girlfriends virginity, make sure it’s the most magically intense pleasure she has ever felt.

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