How To Impress College Girls

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How To Impress Females In College Class Without Even Trying

Do you have a girl in one of the college classes that you are sure is the girl of your dreams? Maybe you find it hard to muster up the right words to say, or you are too shy. Meeting new people in college can be intimidating, but trying to impress a girl in a college class can be even more daunting. It is important to say and do the right thing to win her over. Below are some helpful tips for you to follow to impress the girl of your dreams.

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  1. Check Your Hygiene
    Girls like guys who put effort into their appearance and overall hygiene. That means, brush and floss your teeth, shower, dab on some cologne, comb your hair and make sure your facial hair is groomed. Don’t forget that girls like guys who look and smell good too. Not only that, but nobody wants bad breath or dirty hair on guys or girls. Chew some gum and avoid eating messy foods. If you look and smell right, then this will help with impressing your dream girl.
  2. Be Friendly
    No need to strike up an intense conversation right away (especially if you are nervous). Try just being a friendly face by smiling, saying hi, or asking her about her weekend. Girls like nice guys who are genuinely interested in what they have to say, so make sure she knows you are interested in what she is talking about. By asking about her weekend or hobbies, this gives you an insight into what her life looks like outside of school.
  3. Be Confident
    It is hard not to get nervous talking to your crush, but it is essential to be confident because girls like confident guys. Speak slowly but with poise, and smile. Remember, girls like nice guys.
  4. Timing is Key
    Approach your dream girl at the right time – timing is everything! If she seems like she is in a big rush or chatting with friends, give her some space. Wait for the perfect time, such as lunch break or when she is alone. You want to strike up a conversation with her when it is just the two of you so you can focus on each other without any distractions. Not only that, it may be a little nerve-wracking for you if she has a group of her best friends around her while you are trying to strike up a conversation with her.
  5. Keep the Conversation Short
    It is not necessary to ramble on while chatting with the girl you are trying to impress. Keep the conversation short and sweet, but be sure not to come off as brash or uninterested. Try asking her only a couple questions, so you do not come off as pushy or aggressive. Keep the questions light, such as about school, the weekend, new movies, studying, or good restaurants to check out.
  6. Add Her to Social Media
    Whatever you do, do not ask your dream girl out over social media. Adding her to social media is meant to connect and show her you are interested. For example, like some of her posts or pictures may show her you are interested in her. Do not leave offensive comments, a simple click of a like is all you need to do.
  7. Partner Up
    If you have the chance to do a group or partner project in class, ask the girl you are trying to impress if she would want to work with you. By doing this, you can work on it together during or after class, and you can also show off your incredible work ethic (girls like this). She will see how much fun you two have together and will be impressed by your teamwork.
  8. Practice, practice, practice!
    If you are ready to ask your dream girl out, practice what you are going to say. Sometimes it is best to practice the scenario out in front of a mirror, camera, or in front of your best buddy. By doing this, you can catch what doesn’t sound right and perfect you plead with love. Be sure not to memorize anything – keep it casual and make it seem unscripted.
  9. Compliment Her
    Always tell your dream girl how beautiful or pretty she looks. Compliment her hair, clothes, or even smile. If you are too nervous then try saying, “You look great like always!”, “You’re always so happy, and I love it.” These kinds of lines are not creepy or intimidating to say, and the girl will gush. Remember, do not be overly descriptive in your comments. Keep it simple!
  10. Ask Her Out
    Ask your dream girl to grab a cup of coffee or a casual bite to eat! By doing this, you are asking her to do something casual with you, and so if for some reason, she is not interested, it does sound like a significant date. Going for a cup of coffee or quick bite is not intimidating and can be a lot of fun. Avoid asking her for a movie because this type of date does not allow for much talking. Try lunch, dinner, bowling, movie night at your place (no strangers will tell you to be quiet), or a hike.

Take these tips and get yourself a date with beautiful college girls NOW!

It is always intimidating to impress the girl you are interested in because you do not want to embarrass yourself or get rejected! But, with these helpful tips, it should make the task a lot easier to do. Some of the key things to remember are to be calm, confident, and friendly. Girls like nice guys who put effort into their appearance and who genuinely want to get to know them. Do not rush things and you will impress your college girl in no time!

And that’s how you impress a girl in college class

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