How to Approach Ladies for the First Time

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How To Approach a Lady For The First Time

Your first impression of a woman as a man can determine whether you will win her heart or not. Since women are different, you should be created every time you approach a woman of friendship or love. This article will help you know how to approach a girl for the first time on the road, inside a mall, etc. for the first time so your day game in the city is on point by learning tricks such as understanding the signs of hidden attraction.

How do I approach a girl?

Whether you are going out on a date or you’ve just seen a beautiful lady across the street, the way you walk up to her can say a lot about you. At all costs, avoid wasting time and acting nervous because she will know you are confident and women hate me with low self-esteem!

Therefore, as soon as you here, walk up to her in composure. Remember to stand up straight relaxed with your shoulders back. This will earn you positive points before you even start introducing yourself. I make sure to dress appropriately and spray myself in Invictus hedione to heighten my chances.

What do you say when you approach a lady for the first time?

Some men think that the best method of winning a lady’s heart is by having perfect pick-up lines to mesmerize her. This is not the case! When learning how to talk to a girl for the first time face to face, your primary objective should be to make her happy by laughing, smiling and feeling relaxed around you. You can do this by walking up with a genuine smile on your face and say something silly. You can be a little funny to tease her up while helping her relax while around you. If you are going out on a date, you can practice on how to smile genuinely in a mirror to avoid being awkward.

Be committed to the interaction

When you open the communication, keep your humor all through and participate in each discussion. Avoid having any distractions, e.g., using a phone to show a high level of commitment and dedication to the lady. At this stage, you can say anything that’s funny and content free. Remember, you can waste your chance or impress the lady at this stage depending on how you interact.

Show interest

A smart move is to show interest rather than being coy and end up losing your only chance. You should, however, be sure about it, do it in the right way and at the right time. As soon as she starts smiling at your jokes, you’ve got a chance. You can say something like, ‘You seem so friendly, I like that.’ At this point, you can ask her an open-ended question like, ‘which is your favorite song right now?’ This can make you start more topics and know more about her. On the other hand, you may end up having similarities in songs genre, movies, TV shows, etc. Your primary objective here is to let her know that you are interested in something else in her rather than her appearance.

Creating a connection

Since you’ve engaged the lady in a conversation, your next task should be to build a relationship between the two to make her miss you in future. Since you’ve not been close enough, the conversation should remain open-ended to avoid irritating her while still trying to relate to what she’s saying. For instance, ‘Who are you closest to in your family?’ Or ‘How did you decide your major? This kind of questions have variable answers, and they are open to discussion unlike close-ended questions, e.g., ‘what do you do for a living?’

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