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>>>>> My Honest Opinion On Day Game Phone Game <<<<<

I’m not afraid to let you know that yes I do think this product is very expensive and that if you are in no position to purchase this program, then you shouldn’t.

There’s plenty of free content out there to get you started, so there is still a light at the end of the tunnel without the help of all these videos but if you do have a few extra dollars laying around then this could end up being the best investment of your life.

For myself, after knowing I had stable revenue coming my way, I decided to purchase the black tier.

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 I decided that if I wanted to get serious about getting my pickup skills back on track that I might as well go ALL IN on perfecting this craft, so the black tier was the way to go in my eyes.

Getting started with the program, I have to admit I was extremely disappointed that not all the modules are released right away as I completely skipped over that part when reading the details of the product.

It was very disappointing, to say the least as I love to binge-watch or binge read programs and lessons of this nature but probably better for me in the long run, so I’m not caught up in “analysis paralysis.”

Although all the modules aren’t released yet, the value of the coaching and bonus videos to help make up for it in the black tier.

The coaching gives you access to the men you’re striving to be after the completion of the program and help out and answer any questions you may have no matter where you are regarding the what you already know or don’t know when it comes picking up girls during the day.

There were a lot of complicated concepts I was not familiar with such as “abundance saturation” so the hands-on coaching helped me with that. To reiterate once again, yes this product is on the pricier end, not all the modules are included right away, and isn’t needed if you want to succeed with women.

There’s also plenty of free resources out there to figure this procedure out on your own, but if you want to take the next step in your life in the most efficient way possible, then …

This program will speed the process up 50x faster.

The only negative to come out of this potential is all financial but sticking with this program will at the very least shift your momentum towards a life of positive occurrences with women and the life you’ve always wanted.

You’re going to be part of the 0.001% that are aware a skill like this is possible and view life in a brand new perspective which is the ultimate paradigm shift you need all thanks to PUA.


Infield footage at your disposal Price $$$
Real and applicable strategies and reviews to improve your interactions with girlsAll modules are not released right away
Multiple coaches and different viewpoints in how it all can work for youCould be information overload if not careful
Is more realistic and a natural approach to day game that anybody can apply Patience will be a virtue following this program so if you're not patient then this will most likely not be the product for you
Phone game strategy in the program is a hidden gem and a pleasant bonus

review of daygame phone game

Who is this a good fit for? Who maybe shouldn’t be investing in this product?

Daygame Phone Game by Alex Social will not be a good fit for you if you’re expecting overnight results as if this is the magic potion to attract any girl you want.

You also wouldn’t be suitable for this product if you’re still in what we like to call a “white knight” line of thinking where chivalry rules all. Yes, this product does teach you to be very courteous, socially inept, kind, and charming but it shouldn’t be looked like the main arsenals of your game.

Instead, those should be a bonus to your strong and playful attitude as well as other core skills you would never imagine girls get wet for. This is a large investment so your time spent trying to learn the game should be taken seriously by going out multiple days and nights a week to approach new girls.

If you can’t see yourself being able to get to that level of commitment, then do not bother buying this product!


If you have the extra money to invest in, are desperate to change your luck with women, and are ready to fully commit to the new processes you’re going to learn then yes this product is worth every penny.

This is a massive, long, and extensive program that will need 100% of your attention, so it’s going to fall back on you whether you succeed with Daygame Phone Game or not because this DOES WORK. Alex teaches natural and realistic pickup that anyone can do.

I’ve tried them all and Alex is by far the most influential teacher who’s gotten me the results with women I would never have had if it wasn’t for him.

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If you don’t have the funds, then it’s no problem the free videos he provides should do the trick for you, but it’s going to take ten times the effort and time compared to having a step by step process given that Daygame Phone Game provides along with the power of watching infield videos.

Infield videos are a game changer, and I would highly recommend anybody to view a live pickup from start to finish if they wanted to change their fortunes. It’s that powerful.




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