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Alex Social Day Game Phone Game Review – The Secret Formula For Getting Any Girl You Want Whenever & Wherever?

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Like most men around the world, I’ll make a bold prediction in stating that it would be a dream come true of yours to be able to hook up with any girl you so, please. Now I’m not saying that’s 100% possible but what I am saying is there is a way to maximize your natural abilities in doing so that 99% of the rest of the male population have no idea how to do.


I, Ross Aypa am apart of that 0.01% that do know how to use the skills at my disposal in maximizing my efforts with all women thanks to my mentor Alex Social and all the secrets he’s now released to the world.

Of course, it wasn’t always like this for me. I once was in the same exact position all you guys are probably in right now or better yet – an even WORST position!

I’ve made it my goal in life to help as many men as possible get out of this excruciating slump and into the man of desire that we can all become together.

Ever since I was a kid, I can remember being incredibly awkward with girls that then followed me into high school. All throughout high school, I would make up for my social awkwardness with online dating.

You’re probably thinking, “well isn’t that good enough?” No, what followed up there every time was a series of terrible dates with girls and no sex whatsoever.

Going to college after that made things even worst for me as I was surrounded by hundreds of beautiful women with no balls to do anything about it.

Sadly, I would spend classes daydreaming about that cute girl in Business Ethics who may someway somehow by the sheerest of luck talk to me one day. Guess what? That day was never coming.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I got into a rabbit hole of PUA content all stemming from watching a show called “Keys to the VIP.” That then turned into me finding related videos of a bunch of guys in a company called RSD.

That content began to shift my mind into understanding the power of social interaction and what can be done if you were to learn how to interact with women effectively.

I started out by going to the nightclubs and learning to approach girls consistently with fellow members of the RSD group we had in my city. I was making strides in getting rid of approach anxiety and learning other aspects.

Still, progress was not coming along when it came to losing my virginity, but the turning point came when I began to follow the beautiful lessons of Alex.

alex social giving a seminar

Alex was a favorite coach among the RSD group members of my city, so I decided to invest a bit of money into his Hot Seat which was a 2-day boot camp filled with detailed infield footage of him taking girls home from start to finish.

I took all the notes I could take down, and his teachings throughout those two days motivated me into taking massive action. Those videos were to be kept confidential and were never to be seen again so you can imagine the ten pages I had filled out in my notebook.

It didn’t happen for me right away, but I stuck to the process of what Alex taught, learned from my mistakes, and finally, I was able to hook up with a sexy little Japanese girl.

My virginity was gone! I continued with that momentum and met my ex-girlfriend shortly after. She was sexy, smart, fun, and everything I could ever want in a girlfriend. I enjoyed my time with her but we eventually parted ways, and I was back to square one.

If you’re not approaching girls steadily, you lose your skills in a hurry, so I felt like I was playing catch up as I was out getting blown out in the nightclubs non-stop. I needed a more natural way to get my groove back and going out at night two times a week was not enough.

I needed to start going out in the daytime. I was never a fan of going out to meet girls in the daytime setting such as coffee shops, school, etc. but I was desperate and needed more opportunities to meet new girls.

After a couple of attempts of failure roaming the streets downtown, I checked back in with Alex Social to see he was launching a day game program. Call me crazy, but it was a sign from the man upstairs, and what I was looking for fell right into my lap when I needed it most.

Because of the trust I already had for Alex from the value he brought to my life previously I had no problem investing in Daygame Phone Game.

So, What Is Day Game Phone Game?

DayGame Phone Game is a unique program created by Alex and will be his last program he releases before he retires from PUA forever after being a coach for the past 11 years. So, as his last program, you already know how much hard work must have been put into this.

The concept intrigued me from the start as the program was recorded and run completely cold by Alex and the other coaches in an area where they knew absolutely nobody.

It was a 4-week challenge to go into a brand new environment, approach, build rapport with as many beautiful girls as you can and to make the most out of every one of those interactions during the day.

All 4 of those weeks by every one of the coaches will be documented from start to finish and presented in 18 modules that are about 90 to 100 minutes each. They will release sporadically as you go along in the series and are very dense with lots of approaching, lots of notes, and all that good stuff.

Back when I first attended one of Alex Social’s video boot camps, there was no recordings allowed and no footage of those videos being distributed anywhere so seeing that this program WOULD have content I can access whenever and wherever had me salivating at the potential I was ready to burst into.

Real quick going through some top lessons of the modules are:

  • Simply going out and getting started
  • Banging your head against the wall (lessons you learn from early failures)
  • Abundance saturation (will go into more details on this later)
  • Fake it till you make it, introduction to dating apps
  • Walking through how you set up your Tinder correctly with many examples as well
  • Day game know how showing broad theories on fashion
  • Logistics
  • Eye contact
  • Eye language
  • Skill set of 10 things you need to do in every interaction
  • Rejections
  • Social media pull marketing
  • Your intention vs. girls mindset which is really deep inner game concepts
  • Sharing the woman’s point of view with a girls blueprint
  • Screening
  • Mastering numbers game
  • Phone game text game
  • Qualifications
  • Objections
  • Seductions
  • Rapport building
  • Instant pulls
  • How to go on the dates
  • Flakes on the phone
  • How to handle multiple relationships
  • And breakups

As you can see, there is nothing more you can ask for. It’s an extensive timeline of all the results, how they got them, and what came to them. This is so powerful due to the fact it shows how most city daygame interactions with a girl aren’t as linear as you’d expect.

It isn’t as simple as an approach, rapport, number, test, date, and sex.

There are so many variables that come up in that progression line with a girl, so it’s powerful to see every variable right in front of you whenever you want with these videos and tutorials you aren’t going to get anywhere else.

To dig in even more in-depth on the topic of the randomness of city daygame progression is that girls love the idea of randomness and things “just happening” during the day so that linear grid would be too predictable in most cases, so it’s not that girls aren’t predictable it’s that they are turned off by the predictable so these lessons in the program will teach you how to use it to your advantage.

It’s fascinating to see the early stages of the course when the coaches and Alex are making their first approaches in the new environment during the day. They show some scarcity, and you will be able to see yourself in them instantly which can be incredibly comforting.

As they go along though and the approaches and numbers grow then you get to see first hand how powerful the concept of abundance saturation is for picking up girls during the day in the rapport building stage.

Also, be able to see how abundance saturation is being built for all the coaches from start to finish that become a major turning point in their success.

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Daygame Phone Game Review

24/7 infield video footage at your disposal The price
One on one coaching to have any of your questions answered No night game footage
RAW content that will provide the most in-depth analysis on pick up you’ve ever seen May feel like information overload at times if you’re not careful
Exclusive deals and bonuses on future and past products from Alex Social Is a practical guide to day game and not a “magic trick” that will guarantee your success with women

Who is this a good fit for? Who maybe shouldn’t be investing in this product?

Daygame Phone Game by Alex Social will not be a good fit for you if you’re expecting overnight results as if this is the magic potion to attract any girl you want.

You also wouldn’t be suitable for this product if you’re still in what we like to call a “white knight” line of thinking where chivalry rules all.

Yes, this product does teach you to be very courteous, socially inept, kind, and charming but it shouldn’t be looked like the main arsenals of your game.

Instead, those should be a bonus to your strong and playful attitude as well as other core skills you would never imagine girls get wet for.

This is a large investment so your time spent learning how to approach a woman should be taken seriously by going out multiple days and nights a week.

If you can’t see yourself being able to get to that level of commitment, then do not bother buying this product!

If you have the extra money to invest in, are desperate to change your luck with women, and are ready to fully commit to the new processes you’re going to learn then yes this product is worth every penny.

The Bottom Line

This is a massive, long, and extensive program that will need 100% of your attention, so it’s going to fall back on you whether you succeed with Daygame Phone Game or not because this DOES WORK.

Alex teaches natural, easy to understand, and realistic pickup strategies for anybody.

I’ve tried them all and Alex is by far the most influential teacher who’s gotten me the results with women I would never have had if it wasn’t for him.

Become a part of this elite group by purchasing Daygame Phone Game here

If you don’t have the funds, then it’s no problem the free videos he provides should do the trick for you, but it’s going to take ten times the effort and time compared to having a step by step process given that Daygame Phone Game provides along with the power of watching infield videos.

Infield videos are a game changer, and I would highly recommend anybody to view a live pickup from start to finish if they wanted to change their fortunes. It’s that powerful.





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