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Hello, everybody, this is Ross Aypa of, and here is my daygame story

You’ve landed on my day game PUA page. Apparently, as you can see here at my blog, I specialize in a lot of skills and have numerous of experience in all things PUA such as girls, rapport building, dating, and self-improvement but what I would love to share and spread the word on is how the concept of day game PUA changed my life.

By clicking onto this page, you have now gained access to the number 1 line I’ve used during a day game situation that will decrease your blowout margin DRASTICALLY and improve your potential number closes instantly as soon as you start using this one line during the daytime.

First off, for those who are newer to this whole “cold approach” and “pick up” scene day game is the idea of going out to approach a girl out in a non-nightclub, bar, etc. environment and a more natural setting such as coffee shops, walking downtown, and much more.

Now, I’m not sure what everyone’s skill level is on here when it comes to PUA, but man I remember when I didn’t know a damn thing about anything. I don’t know why I remember this so vividly, and it’s embarrassing, but I’ll share it anyway, so I use to go to college and at this point of my life, I honestly didn’t have any friends.

I graduated high school and lost all forms of contact with my old friends and got sucked into this world called the internet. I would watch movies, tv shows, YouTube, vlogs, and other forms of entertainment that would suck me out of reality.

Drenching myself in all that would mostly make me believe that I was living my life through whatever I was watching so I would have no motivation to better myself in reality.

So to take this story to the next level, I was really into the movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love” starring Ryan Gosling and it’s an excellent movie don’t get me wrong, but the character Ryan Gosling played in the movie was a playboy who could seduce and get any women he wanted.

Watching that movie so many times, I started to believe I was Ryan Gosling, and that if I walked like him, dressed like him, and all that girls would start flocking to me like nothing.

ryan gosling meme talking to a girl easily

I bought all these suits, fancy clothes, and wear them to college every day. I remember this one girl who I was particularly fond of named Stephanie, and she was gorgeous, but I had no plan whatsoever.

I didn’t even know there was such thing as an actual “plan” that can create results.

I was expecting to just look like Ryan Gosling every day at school until luck would strike and the perfect excuse would arise for me to be able to talk to this girl or I would catch her attention so badly that I would have no choice but to say something to her or she would say something to me.

Freaking pathetic!

Yeah, I know trust me! But seriously that’s just how my mind worked and most people’s work as well that you can only have so much control over the ability to get the girl you want in life.

I can remember after a while just going home and thinking “alright no worries tomorrow’s a new day” every single damn day until nothing happened and that sucked.

I know all of you get that same feeling when seeing that beautiful girl walk by you downtown during the day where you think to yourself “WOW!” but then nothing’s done then the next day comes when you’re on the subway or sky train, and you sit by this beautiful girl where you start brain scrambling on how you’re going to talk to her but your mind starts making excuses, and you can’t come up with anything at all until she’s out of there forever.

That cycle then continues to repeat and repeat just waiting for tomorrow to be that day but that day may never come.

Well, guess what boys!

That day may be here right at this very moment because landing on this page, this blog, this website, you are now entering a brand new world of information, and you are never looking back.

My success with women is all thanks in large part to one man, and that man’s name is Alex Social

Now I don’t want to get into a long story on how I was introduced to the world of pick-up and Alex, but it’s the same way how you found me or seen other pickup artists around the internet especially on YouTube.

Now what makes Alex Social so different from the other mainstream pickup artists and why I consider him the best pickup coach in the world is the fact that he shares a more natural form of the pickup and not that flashy stuff that goes viral that is not relatable whatsoever.

Most likely if you’re someone who’s on the internet searching for advice on how to get girls then you’re probably not the most sociable or outgoing fella so seeing flashy pickup videos of that nature is totally not going to get you out the house in front of the girl of your dreams but what I’m going to teach you and what Alex Social teaches everything that will get your brain really churning and believing that

“wow, this stuff is possible and can actually work if done right.”

I had my first pull only about a month after attending one of Alex’s seminars called the “Hot Seat” where he showed us live infield footage from start to finish of him at the nightclubs pulling chicks to take home while breaking down each detail as closely as possible while answering all our questions.

It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life to attend his hot seat, and I made sure to jot as many notes down as I could as those infield videos and the seminar were extremely confidential so they could never be seen again after completion.

Alex's diagram to successful night game

Step by step process for nightclub PUA

My first ever pull would be with the girl I would go on to have a long 1-year relationship with. It was nothing too unique and simply the process of the steps you see above. What was special about it was the fact that I realized that “Wow, this stuff freaking works.”

I was a virgin up until that point so you can only imagine the excitement I was going through (I also pulled the same strategy, later on, to hook up with some Japanese girl while me and my ex-were on a week break).

The skill of pickup is a very weak skill and can be lost in an instant if you’re not consistently doing it so while I was in a long-term relationship with my ex-girlfriend my skills diminished drastically so when it finally ended it was a long uphill battle back to the top. frustrated day game pickup artist on couch

I didn’t have my notes from the Hot Seat anymore, I forgot everything in the infield videos, and was just a rusty mess.

I attempted to watch whatever pickup YouTube videos I could with no clear direction and sense of how I was going to use the information and went out one or two times a week trying to get back what I’ve lost.

Unfortunately, nothing was working as the process of watching YouTube videos here and there and going out only twice a week was not enough context.

I became desperate, and so I started to go out to approach girls every single day with day game without realizing that day game in the city is a whole other animal and entirely different than what nightclub pickup offers you.

In the nightclub PUA scene, you’re able to openly approach a girl in a setting where it’s normal that in turn cuts to the chase much quicker.

You may have a girl that will give you a chance to build rapport within a nightclub environment as they’re out and understand they’re at the spot to have fun to see what the night has to offer them, or they might just straight blow you out which is what nightclub PUA is all about as well.

Compare that to day game where the women out on the streets are not expecting and ready to be approached by men like yourself so the clarity gets a confusing especially when you’re a beginner so learning how to read situations is an advanced skill that will need to be learned instead of a sloppy pull that you managed to stumble yourself into during the night.

As fun as that sounds, believe me, the benefits are incredibly rewarding once you understand the real craft of day game.

Switching from Night to Day Game

Day game is a 24/7 opportunity to meet the girl of your dreams which crazy enough becomes handy in business as well when you want to network with others as well and build rapport with anyone.

Back to women, imagine how powerful that can be? To be able not to have to rely on those 2 to 3 nights a week to try and get lucky but instead have the ability to try your luck every single minute during the day.

So as I was starting this new venture in city day game, you can already imagine how hard it must have been for me so I started to seek guidance and found out my first mentor in pickup was offering quite the package I couldn’t refuse.

That package is called “DayGame Phone Game.”

DayGame Phone Game is a unique program created by Alex and will be his last program he releases before he retires from PUA forever so as his last program you already know how much hard work must have been put into this.

The concept intrigued me from the start as the program was recorded and run completely cold by Alex and the other coaches in an area where they knew absolutely nobody.

It was a 4-week challenge to go into a brand new environment, approach, build rapport with as many beautiful girls as you can and to make the most out of every one of those interactions during the day.

daygame phone game modules

daygame phone game black tier

All 4 of those weeks by every one of the coaches will be documented from start to finish and presented in 18 modules that are about 90 to 100 minutes each. They will release sporadically as you go along in the series and are very dense with lots of approaching, lots of notes, and all that good stuff.

I was sold right then and there by the abundance of raw footage that would be available at my disposal due to the fact I am an alumnus of one of Alex’s video sessions back in the day that led me to meet my long-term girlfriend.

At that time, there was no recording allowed and no footage of those videos being distributed anywhere so seeing that this program WOULD have content I can access whenever and wherever had me salivating at the potential I was ready to burst into.

Real quick going through some top lessons of the modules are:

  • Simply going out and getting started
  • Banging your head against the wall (lessons you learn from early failures)
  • Abundance saturation (will go into more details on this later)
  • Fake it till you make it, introduction to dating apps
  • Walking through how you set up your Tinder correctly with many examples as well
  • Day game know how showing broad theories on fashion
  • Logistics
  • Eye contact
  • Eye language
  • Skill set of 10 things you need to do in every interaction
  • Rejections
  • Social media pull marketing
  • Your intention vs. girls mindset which is really deep inner game concepts
  • Sharing the woman’s point of view with a girls blueprint
  • Screening
  • Mastering numbers game
  • Phone game text game
  • Qualifications
  • Objections
  • Seductions
  • Rapport building
  • Instant pulls
  • How to go on the dates
  • Flakes on the phone
  • How to handle multiple relationships
  • And breakups

As you can see, there is nothing more you can ask for. It’s an extensive timeline of all the results, how they got them, and what came of them. This is so powerful due to the fact it shows how most city daygame interactions with a girl aren’t as linear as you’d expect.

It isn’t as simple as an approach, rapport, number, test, date, and sex.

There are so many variables that come up in that progression line with a girl, so it’s powerful to see every variable right in front of you whenever you want with these videos and tutorials you aren’t going to get anywhere else.

To dig in even deeper on the topic of the randomness of city daygame progression is that girls love the idea of randomness and things “just happening” during the day so that linear grid would be too predictable in most cases, so it’s not that girls aren’t predictable it’s that they are turned off by the predictable so these lessons in the program will teach you how to use it to your advantage.

It’s fascinating to see the early stages of the course when the coaches and Alex are making their first approaches in the new environment during the day. They show some scarcity, and you will be able to see yourself in them instantly which can be incredibly comforting.

As they go along though and the approaches and numbers grow then you get to see first hand how powerful the concept of abundance saturation is for picking up girls during the day in the rapport building stage.

As I began learning more about what to expect in the program the next step was to decide which tier I was going to purchase.

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I knew right away there was no way I would be going for the first tier that only provided me with the notes of the program. That’s not going to work because number one I have a short attention span, bad memory, and never been a great reader, so that was off the table.

Next, it was the red tier, and that was the tier I was 100% ready to go all in on. Before I decided to take my credit card out and my purchase I began to stare more at the price of this program, and it did throw me off.

I was in no position at the time to afford this program, so I was second-guessing myself. I spent about a week trying to figure out whether I should go ahead and proceed to purchase this program and was leaning on forgetting about it for the meantime.

As the days went on, I was called in to come back to work as a sales manager at my old job teaching people how to sell liquor at free sample booths.

Long story short, I was doing freelance cold calls that weren’t making me any real money, so when I got my old job back, I knew it was fate to go ahead and purchase DayGame Phone Game.

City Day Game Strategies

For more details and information on how to approach a girl for the first time the best way possible then click the link right there.

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