Is there a way to find out if a girl is into you or not with 100% accuracy? — Yes, there is!

Hi, I’m Ross Aypa, and on this page, you will learn how I was able to hook up with a beautiful classmate I had back in college completely cold. 

(HINT: It wasn’t from me sitting around in my room like a freaking loser trying to rack my brain around whether she likes me or not and wondering when the perfect time was to confess my feelings. It starts with becoming a man that you know she’s attracted to NO MATTER WHAT!)

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My name is Ross Aypa, and I was a hard case virgin. I was the kid who would get paired up with the ugly girl in group outings or the ones girls would laugh at if someone joked about the idea of me being with them.

This was not a healthy upbringing and honestly left me traumatized. Even though I was the kind guy, I couldn’t get over that hump of being anything more to a girl. I had a few instances I’m sure a lot of you could relate to in being left in the dust by someone you liked.

As I got older, I slowly began to get more comfortable in talking to girls by being the nice guy, so I would be all nice, and hang out with them then be left hanging as they told me stories about getting with other guys or rejecting me outright as I confessed my feelings too late.

Even the relationships I was getting in through the magic of online dating, never lasted more than two months after the girls realized the sad unattractive man I was. I was needy, I was sensitive, I was everything, but the type of man girls wanted to be with.

I knew something had to change and I remember laying in my bed one night feeling all pathetic of course, I stumbled onto a video from Michael Fiore that changed my perspective forever.

He was sharing stories of his that were so eerily similar to mine and techniques that I never knew were a thing, to begin with. I purchased this product called “Crack The Girl Code” that was not expensive at all and was an investment I needed to make to turn my life around.

It opened up my mind to understanding that there was a way for a man to become a more attractive no matter who you are. The problem wasn’t me not understanding if girls liked me or not but the fact that I wasn’t the man they could ever desire in the FIRST PLACE.

The solution was clear that we need to learn how to become the best version of ourselves that will leave no doubt in any girls mind that we’re attractive.

So, What Is Crack The Girl Code

“Crack the Girl Code” is a step-by-step, almost-automatic online training program in which a lady named Miss X gives you the secret owner’s manual for the female mind and teaches you how to make any woman you want to feel amazing instantaneous connection with you so she suddenly lusts after you, chases you, competes for you with other women and even begs to be yours whether you’ve just met her or she’s had you in the “friend zone” for years.

This material is powerful and life-changing… it’s the magic key to finally getting the hot, sexy devoted girlfriend you’ve always wanted…

Or having your pick of any girl you want: whether you want her for a moment, a night, or the rest of your life.

Here’s just a tiny taste of the incredible tricks and techniques you’ll learn if you’re one of the lucky few guys allowed to enroll in the program today…

As a lifetime member of “Crack the Girl Code”, you’ll discover…

How to drop a “Desire Bomb”  in a woman’s mind

An insidious “thought trap” that draws her unconscious back to you again and again for hours or even days after meeting you… even if your interaction seemed totally innocent at the time.

The “Escape Velocity” Trick

For getting out of the “Friend Zone” with a girl, even if you’ve been there for years.

The “Panty Dropper Note” Technique…

Just slip this note into a girl’s hand to send a magical sensation through her body so she rubs her thighs together and craves you more powerfully than she has any man before…

How to Play Her Emotions Like a Game of Chess…

How to stop a woman’s jealousy in it’s tracks… how to have a crying woman almost-magically cheer up… how to create subconscious attraction deep in her lizard brain so she’s primally attracted to you even if she doesn’t “want” to be.

How to connect with a woman on a deep, emotional level so she suddenly sees you as her “Dream Man” even if you don’t fit a single thing on her “Perfect Man” list…

Use the “Rose Colored Glasses” Technique to actually “rewrite” how she sees you

What women REALLY find attractive and how to force women to objectify you and find you to be the single most physically attractive man she’s ever seen… even if you’re fat, bald, and broke.

Vocal Seduction: Control your voice to control her sex drive

Ever wonder why women react the way they do to Barry White? You’ll learn Miss X’s “Vocal Seduction” technique so you can use your voice as an emotional and sexual remote control where you can turn her on, calm her down or make her feel something very close to love just by controlling the rhythm and tone of your voice.

With “Crack the Girl Code”, you’ll feel like you have a PhD in women as you discover…

  • Why women have a deep-rooted evolutionary need to be pursued (and how to “flip the switch” in her mind so she finds herself flustered and desperate as she chases YOU)
  • Ever ask a girl what’s wrong only to have her pout and say “Nothing?” You’ll learn the “Instant Soother” technique that will have even the most emotionally-volatile woman purring like a kitten.
  • Why most women aren’t “gold-diggers” but actually ARE emotionally and physically attracted to “Rich Guys”… and how to fool her “resource radar” into falling for you even if you’re dead broke.
  • FACT: Most women think they’re being obvious, but unless you’ve been trained you’ll find these “tells” impossible to spot: In “Crack the Girl Code” you’ll learn the 13 Universal Signals women give off and EXACTLY how to create a “attraction loop” with her to multiply her desire for you by 100.
  • The Future Seed” method… How to almost-hypnotize a woman into fantasizing about what it would be like to be with you forever.
  • How to tell if shes ready for you to kiss her… and how to give her the “Conquerer Kiss” that takes her breath away and has her pushing her body against you.  (IMPORTANT: if the first kiss is bad you’ll never get a second one. Here’s exactly what to do to play her mouth like a violin.

And that’s just in the first HALF of the program…

You’ll also learn:

  • The “Irresistible Man” Mindset… and how to “trick” yourself into being confident, powerful and irresistible to women.
  • How to approach any woman in ANY circumstance: Miss X developed this method after coaching more than 10,000 guys. You’ll learn the “Rejection Proof” phrase that will have women flirting and begging for your attention.
  • The “High Horse” technique for bringing any woman down to your level so she actually competes for you. (and no, this doesn’t involve insulting a girl, but you’ll be shocked on how intensely turned on she is after you use this trick.)
  • Using Miss X’s “Conversation Matrix Method”, you’ll be able to talk to a girl about literally anything without ever running out of things to say and without having to memorize any “routine.”
  • Plus you’ll get the “Fail-proof” openers every girl wants to hear.
  • You’ll learn why using “Logic” with women is a death sentence… and how to master “emotional surfing” so you 100% understand what’s going on in a girl’s mind and heart at any moment. (She’ll leave your first meeting feeling like you’re the first guy she’s ever met who’s UNDERSTOOD her.)
  • The “Colossus Method” of handling rejection: how to be totally unbothered by being turned down by a girl and why using this “Calmness Enhancer” causes many women to reconsider and ask for your number.
  • The 30-second phone number trick: Use this trick and you’ll be able to walk up to a complete stranger and have her typing her number inside 30 seconds. (HINT: You don’t have to ASK her for her number at all.)
  • And much, much more than I could list out here.

The Results? – Here’s My 4 Day Test:

DAY 1:

I started off with non-verbal signs of attraction to build the foundation such as confident body language when sitting, entering the class, talking to other people comfortably, good tonality when speaking in front of the class, and her (let’s call her Lucille).

DAY 2:

I made sure I wasn’t pigeon held in the friend zone, to begin with by playing with her emotions like a game of chess. It’s the old cliche of push and pull but it works so well. You tease her, get serious, laugh with her, compliment her, ignore her, etc. I had her emotions riding on five different roller coaster rides all in one day. Friendzone usually stems from a guy being too nice or come off as a pushover, so you need to create that perception of status that you are a nice dude but nobody she can ever push around – that my friends are a DEADLY combination. Another little bonus trick you can include in making sure you’re not seen as merely a friend is physical contact with her. I started with innocent pokes to ask questions, light pushing and touching as I was teasing her, the pat on the back whenever she started complaining, etc. Get creative and get the light-hearted physical contact going!

DAY 3:

Already coming off as a man of desire by chatting up other girls in class for fun, you can add more fuel to that sexual fire by dropping verbal hints that yes you are a man of desire. It was easy as me just dropping a story about a date I had the other weekend that went bad. That’s it. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter (mine wasn’t), but the key thing to do is not come off as an arrogant player but someone who just happens to have a lot of girls around in his life. You can learn more about ways to rewrite how any girl sees you with the “Rose Colored Glasses” section of the program. The final technique I used to seal the date up was the “Future Seed” method where I planted seeds in her mind that got her envisioning how hooking up with me would be. These are seeds that need to be planted for a longer period which I started by claiming “we definitely will need to be study buddies.” Other future seeds I planted throughout our conversations were as followed:

“Oh, I took that class last semester, I can help tutor you.”

“We better get studying if we want to get through this class together.”

“I love this one movie I need to show everyone haha you’ll love it maybe we can watch it together after we study one night. I’ve got it downloaded on my laptop.”

..and so forth

The future seeds were planted so deeply it became a 100% fact that we were going to end up studying together. You can also see, I planted future seeds on how we were going to study at my place as well which you can keep going to if there’s no real resistance to it in the beginning.

DAY 4:

The study date was all set to take place at my house which of course is due to the fact I planted those future seeds in her brain so it was a no-brainer this date would be going down. Through Crack The Girl Code you’ll learn how to tell if she’s ready for you to kiss her and be able not to mess this up ever again. What I did was get the movie going that I wanted to show her and sat right next to her. Now, if you read what I began to do on day two which was the physical contact at this point on day 4, I felt super comfortable in touching her. As the movie began, I was doing my usual poking and playful touching until it turned more sexual as she jumped during scary scenes of the movie where I would hold her back or rub her back to see if she was okay. This would continuously happen during the movie until my hand would just stay on her waist. Now, remember this cannot come out of nowhere as I’ve built these moments up from my previous techniques I laid down such as building that physical contact with each other, playing with her emotions the proper way, so she views me as a man and not a lame friend. On top of that, I conveyed terrific body language, showing her I am a man of desire, and future seeding this moment that she already wanted to happen. To continue with the story, she got tired and laid on her stomach, so I continued to rub her back that then crept its way down to her beautiful butt. She had no resistance to it, the movie finished and were teasing each other again until I finally lay the kiss on her in the heat of the moment. What happened after? A gentleman never remembers.

Will Crack The Girl Code Work For Me?

Like, with anything, there are no guarantees in life, but I can confidently tell you that Crack The Girl Code could be the program that changes your life forever. Cutting straight to the point, if you’re as sick and tired as I was staring at the most gorgeous of women around not knowing what to do, being stuck in the friend zone, and facing rejection every single time then you need to look into the mirror and make a decision NOW!

Luck with women is something you can control but to control it the way you want to needs you learn the skills necessary to do so. Investing in yourself to obtain the blueprint in doing so is the way you need to go if you’re truly serious about gaining more women in your life.

What do you have to lose? Text messages from ten different girls, great sex, and a potential future wife who fits everything you’re looking for in a life partner can all be on the other side of Crack The Girl Code.

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