Is There A Creed Aventus Replica?

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Is There A Cologne That Is Similar To Creed Aventus?

If you love designer fragrances but cringe every time you see the designer price tag, then finding a high-quality imitation alternative of your favorite scent is your best solution. With the cost of designer and high-end fragrances soaring into the hundreds of dollars, the lower cost alternative would be to purchase an imitation fragrance which can be just as rewarding.

However, finding an imitation that’s similar to the original designer fragrance can be a daunting task. Today, we’re going to look at the popular men’s fragrance Creed Aventus and compare it with a few imitation fragrances in order to learn which imitation is the closest thing to Creed Aventus.

Insurrection Pure 2 vs. Aventus

Insurrection Pure 2 vs. Aventus is like a heavyweight boxing match between to champions. If Aventus is the defending champion, then Insurrection Pure 2 would be the number one contender. According to people who purchased Insurrection, it smells just like Aventus.

While many imitation fragrances are only close versions of the original cologne or perfume, revolution is about as close as you can get an exact copy. When you compare the price of Aventus to Insurrection, Insurrection is an only a fraction of the cost.

Rebellion also has excellent longevity. One key disappointment in many Aventus alternatives is that the smell doesn’t last, but Insurrection is not only the closest thing to Aventus in the way it smells; the fragrance will last a long time after it has been applied to the skin.

Creed Aventus Alternatives and Copy

There is more than one cologne similar to Creed Aventus, in fact, there are many versions of this famous men’s fragrance that are close in smell and longevity.

Here are few Creed Aventus alternatives that give the original version a run for its money.

  • Fresco by Ilum Dean – This fragrance is similar to Aventus in that it has that woody natural scent coupled with a baseline fruity smell. Fresco is an Eau de Parfum like Aventus which means it has more perfume oil than an Eau de Toilette. Fresco smells excellent but many consumers don’t believe it is as good as Aventus.
  • Quality Version Oils’ Our Copy of Aventus- This is a very low-cost alternative to Aventus. It cost pennies on the dollar when compared to Aventus. It is even lower in cost than Insurrection. Reviews of this imitation are very similar. Many consumers believe that the fragrance smells good but is not close to the original cologne. Quality Version Oils’ copy of Aventus is an oil and it does have some longevity, but it does not last as long as Aventus or Insurrection. However, if you’re looking for a fragrance that’s similar to Aventus for under 25 bucks, then this may be the right alternative for you.

Very Low-Cost Department Store Imitations

If you browse the shelves of your local discount store, you will most likely find at least one imitation brand of Aventus. There are even dollar stores that carry Aventus imitations, but many of these very low-cost fragrances are nothing like the original version. Some of these imitation colognes and perfumes can be bought for as little as one dollar.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Not only do these cheap imitation fragrances not smell like the original versions, but they also have little to no longevity. Imitation colognes that cost under 5 dollars should be avoided. You would be better off buying a lower cost top cologne that will attract females, last long, and smells good.

So, What Is The Closest Thing To Creed Aventus?

After looking at all the alternative Aventus fragrances, Insurrection Pure 2 is the best alternative to buying the real thing. While there may still be a subtle difference, it’s the next best thing to buying the original version.

the closest thing you can find to a creed aventus replica is insurrection pure 2

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