Choosing The Best Colognes To Attract Females and Get You Laid

 In best colognes to attract females

A critical aspect that all men should understand when trying to attract women is to smell good. Choosing to wear the best colognes to attract women can make all the difference.

Cologne has some dangerous superpowers. However, if you were of the opinion that by just wearing cologne can help you attract a woman, think again.

Though wearing the right cologne can get women swoon around you, it is also essential that you know how to apply it appropriately.

While wearing cologne that women love and respond can make your job of attracting them towards you easier, wearing a brand that does not appeal to women’s senses can drive them away from you.

Yves Saint Laurent have one of the best colognes to attract females on the market

So, how will you know which cologne is more effective?

Are you aware of those simple tricks that can help you smell good and take you to the next level?

If you are one of those men who find it difficult in choosing between a cologne that gets you laid and cologne that is unappealing to the senses, I am here to help.

In this guide, I will not only explain about which cologne you should buy but will also talk about the best ways to apply cologne.

Cologne Rotation

A thumb rule to stay appealing to women is to keep rotating your cologne. Always have 2-3 different cologne and keep rotating them frequently.

When you use different cologne each time, you will become attractive to women as they will not be able to predict what you will smell like.

Being predictable can be annoying to women who are often themselves leading a dull and monotonous life.

This is why they will love and be interested in those things that are new and exciting.

Women will get attracted to men who live a thrilling and fun – filled life as it can help add some spice to their own life.

When you wear the right and different cologne each time, you not only smell different, but also portray your class, style, and spontaneity.

Most women look for these qualities in a man and often get attracted to him.

Cologne and Pheromones

Avoid spraying the cologne on your clothes. Unlike your body, clothes do not contain natural pheromones. Also, applying cologne on clothes can cause the scent to fade away within an hour.

Spraying cologne on clothes fails to produce the complete effect of the cologne.

However, when you spray cologne on the right spots of your body, pheromones combine with the cologne to “create” an original smell.

Sauvage is another great choice when looking for a cologne that will get you laid

Why does same cologne smell differently on different persons?

Have you wondered why the scent a same brand of cologne smells different from person to person?

This is because the body of each person produces different pheromones. When the fragrance of cologne is combined with pheromones, it produces a smell “unique” in its way.

To know more about boosting the natural pheromone production in your body and making yourself more appealing to women, take a look at the article – Does Pheromone cologne work? – listed on this site.

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