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The most overblown and over thought question in all of the pickup. What should I say to start a conversation with a girl? What is the best pickup line? AKA what is the easiest way to get into a girl’s pants with as little work as possible?

I’ll have the answer to your question and offer what I believe is the best daygame opener you can use but first, we need to make a paradigm shift altogether. First, we need to make sure you’re looking apart so do your research and dress the right way! You can also check out our blog post on the highest rated men’s cologne that attracts females to indeed simplify the process.

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PUA DayGame Openers

You need to truly get this notion out of your head that pickup lines are the end all be all of your in cold approach pickup. Pickup lines can be useful to simply be kept in your toolbox when you’re stuck in certain situations but should not be looked at as the answers.

The mindset you need to adopt is that it doesn’t MATTER what you say when approaching women and that all that matters is the transferable energy you’re giving the girl during your first impressions so you naturally create body language she is attracted to. paradigm shift you need to make for pua daygame

If you’re saying something witty and humorous to start it up, you need to be transferring a consistent energy about what you say.

Hopefully, that all makes sense and you get the picture now (if not then check out Alex Social who’s the man behind everything I know). I will be going into more further detail on other paradigm shifts you need to make as we move along in this article.

So, What is the Best Daygame Opener?

The best pua day game opener is quite simple and will need more elaboration to make sense of it truly.

Using the phrase “don’t let me stop you” is the best opening line there is when it comes to day game.

It doesn’t need to be the exact phrase of “don’t let me stop you” but in the vicinity of the concept of showing empathy for the girl you’re approaching. As you may or may not know, girls get bombarded daily by horny men whether it’s on the streets, at school, online, etc. men are approaching them in a value leeching manner.

What you need to do to be doing in your day game approaches moving forward is to come off as non-needy and that you’re simply curious about her with no harmful intentions. That is why an opening line such as “don’t let me stop you” is so great because you’re showing you understand the girl’s feelings and is honestly something she is not used to hearing.

She’ll thoroughly enjoy the breath of fresh air as well opposed to the played out “I’m so sorry, but I just had to stop you …” schpeal.

BONUS: Click here to read my step by step process on how I was able to hook up with a college classmate of mine from absolute SCRATCH!

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BONUS TIP: Closing the Deal

Another little tidbit that most PUA “gurus” aren’t teaching in their pua training is that when closing a fun day game encounter is to not go for the phone number. Yes, I said that! Don’t go for the number. shocked emoji when reading these pua day game openers

To continue with the fun and chill vibe, a simple Facebook friend request or Instagram following is all you need. You can then use your social media connections to now build this bubble between the two of you online that you can learn more of here.

Another mind-blowing tip I’m about to share is that a good idea would be to NOT invite her out on a one on one quite yet but an outing with friends to bring her to your social circle.

Proceeding with steps of this nature will begin to make her forget all about that day game approach, and you become a completely normal guy that she feels she met naturally when in reality …

You’re still that creep that learned this all on the internet 😉

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